Thank you very much for introducing angel card reading to me. Your reading was amazing. It has changed my life completely. Thank you so much for your help.

Prutha Gandhi Patel


Rachanaa is a calming and charming woman, and a gifted Reiki healer. Her hands has amzaing power as after initial 6 sessions , I found a significant improvement in my health and felt more energetic and Blood Pressure readings, also my sleep was much improved. I continue to see her for Reiki on a monthly basis, and the benefits to my health and wellbeing are apparent.



I was facing numerous challenges and a bleak phase in my life and met Rachanaa relating some relationship issues. She conducted my readings which were spot on and recommended me some remedies which helped me save my relationship and after that I also attended Reiki Healing sessions with her which benefitted my health and improved my Mindset.



Rachanaa is not only my friend but also my teacher from whom I learnt Reiki Level 1 & 2 and already seeing positive changes in my life and feel the positive energy around me. Thanks for teaching an amazing healing technique.



We bought a new office and after that I started making losses in my business and was not sure what happened and went to consult Rachanaa for Vaastu Shastra (Fengshui) and she visited my office and recommended to make few changes and after that my losses completely stopped and my business started making profits. I also got my company name changed according to Numerology which made my business grow day by day. Thanks for your help I am indebted to you.

Jim S


I met Rachanaa through a recommendation and I was facing challenges finding a Job for 6 months especially as not being working for 3 years due to my babies and met with her and she conducted a reading for me and recommended me few visualizations and I got a Job within in 4 weeks of meeting her. I am now learning Reiki from her as she is amazing mentor.

Elizabeth B.


Rachanaa was introduced to me from another friend and was interested in learning about my future and she was extremely accurate and suggested few remedies to make changes and it really changed my life.



I met Rachanaa in a networking event and when I heard about her healing abilities, I booked an appointment to see her with my health issues. Only after 3 sessions I could see a big improvement in my body and after 12 sessions I was feeling extremely well and good. I also got a reading done which helped me achieve my goals faster than expected.