Spirituality, beliefs and ideologies are immensely important parts of a human life. There is no unit of time when the human mind is idle. One thought—in whatever form manifested—or another is always in our minds. The concept that explains life and its purpose are perhaps infinite and have infinite extensions to them. But they are all somewhere connected by spirituality. To get affected by our circumstances, often termed as struggles of life, is only common in the present time. What matters is how gracefully one emerges a winner from those struggles and achieves what he/she desires. Spiritual guidance and words of motivation are what helps us get through this difficult phase of our lives. It always help if we have someone who has a clearer understanding of life and its purposes. Only a person who has been one with the Supreme or has understood what it wants to say can do that.
Rachanaa Jain is a spiritually-aware international speaker and recently won an International Speaker Award 2016 Radio World Works where candidates were nominated from 29 countries and she was very honoured to win the award.

She who has made her work to motivate people to find a meaning beyond work in life and make a difference. As a motivator, Rachanaa focuses on helping people develop profound feelings of well-being and a sense of connection with others. She strongly believes that the key to living is giving and therefore every individual must dedicate themselves into giving only good things to the universe. It is when we realize how tiny our mere existence is in front of the Universe, that we find our purpose in life. As an international speaker Rachanaa shares her wisdom in relation to spirituality, health and well-being while motivating people to adopt a more holistic approach to life.
Rachanaa Jain has been seen on a lot of networks including the ABC, NBC, Fox News, Zee TV, Women Empowerment, Asian Image, Islam TV, BBC WM, CBS, Eric News Now, A Real Psychic, and many other networks where she has interacted with the common people and offered a spiritual and logical solution to their worries. She has offered her wisdom and an insight on her knowledge to improve the lives of the people who have seeked her help. It gives her nothing but pleasure to see them achieve great things in life.
Be it speaking to a person individually or addressing a crowd in generic sense, Rachanaa is always available and never shies away from sharing her experience and imparting her wisdom. A conversation with a person who has clear logics about life is very rare in lifetime. But with Rachanaa, you can experience that everyday.

For Speaking enquiries please email speaking@rachanaajain.com