The technological inventions today can answer almost every question one may have. But there are some concerns of the human heart which cannot be answered by technology. More often than not, we as human beings tend to get worried about relationships, careers, and health among other things. Where are these concerns answered? In our stars. Reading the messages that the universe sends you is an interesting approach to answer some concerns in life. Rachnaa Jain has been known to employ her expertise to predict the most accurate readings and help people find answers they have been looking for.
Card Reading
Tarot cards are perhaps a medium which help you get in touch with your supreme self. To be able to read and interpret what your cards try to convey is therefore an art. Once you are in Rachanaa’s guidance, you can rely on your readings completely with a heart full of hope. Using her past experience and knowledge of card reading, she strives to help people gain a clearer view of their life plans.

Realm Reading
Our birth has associated with itself various realms from our previous lives. Realm Reading helps us understand and answer our concerns of the present life by drawing a relation with the past life. With this understanding comes a clearer comprehension of your life purposes and effective communication abilities.

Numerology is perhaps a very old concept which deals with the hidden meanings of numbers and their influence on the events of our life. The numbers that influence our life include our birth date, birth time, a particular age etc. With the help of her talents that have been polished with certified training, Rachanaa helps you understand and comprehend the messages that the numbers convey. With her accurate predictions and readings, she can help you gain a much clearer and sensible meaning of life.

Fengshui and Vastu Shastra
As human beings, we have a unique relationship with the dwellings we inhabit. Feng shui and Vastu Shastra are the ancient sciences which help us harmonize our dwellings with the universal flow of energy. The science of Vastu Shastra is based on ancient Vedic texts that aid us in realizing the knowledge of spirituality, yoga, and nutrition. Rachanaa jain’s incredible and extensive knowledge of the subject helps us better our dwellings to invite the positive energy into our lives.

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