Once in every individual’s lifetime there comes a time when we wish we had a coach who can guide us through life. Struggling through some phases of life is inevitable. But falling victim to those struggles is a choice. No person has ever been lucky enough to go through life without facing any non-favoring circumstances. More often than not we get paralyzed by our situations and we wish if we had a coach who could offer us guidance on what is important and what is not.
Rachanaa Jain is one such companion! Having undergone certified training, and from her own experiences, Rachanaa has mastered the art of speaking to people in a way that gets to them and makes them understand the circumstances of life in a much clearer way. If you need advice in any sphere of your life, you have come to the right place. Her spiritual and emotional balance helps us in being empathetic to people and understand life from their perspective. Because she can do that, she can speak to people in a language that makes sense to them. This helps them find solutions for their problems.
In the modern times, there are so many things that influence our life. Our thoughts, feelings and, most importantly, peace of mind are affected by professions, responsibilities, relationships, and finances all of which in turn influence our health. Life would only become much more complicated if we were to seek a different coach for each of these different possibilities. But how amazing and simple it would be to find one person who can coach us on all of them? Rachanaa is that person. From understanding your life situations—where you come from and where are you headed to—to listening patiently about your financial, health or relationship issues/concerns, she takes on a view of life which is more personal to you and offers her coaching accordingly. If you are struggling with any sphere of your life, open your heart out to Rachanaa, give her a chance to help you and see things fall into place.

For coaching enquiries, Please email coaching@rachanaajain.com