This book is focused on the common problem faced by people. People often find themselves constantly procrastinating even though it causes them much anxiety later. A question that is frequently asked by a lot people to the therapists and coaches is why do they keep on procrastinating? Author Rachanaa Jain deals with just that in this book. Even though most of us know what exactly we need to do, we often put those tasks away up until the very last minute. And this is not just a one-time thing. It has been noticed by many that this falls into a pattern that keeps repeating itself, and people find themselves trapped in and swirling down the familiar whirlpool of stress and anxiety because of their own procrastination. The book will enable readers to change their perceptions that inhibit and limit their efforts to change dreams into reality.

Rachanaa Jain has put forward a very effective six-step DREAMS system to prevent people from trenches of procrastination that only hinders our true success in her latest book. Moreover, putting off work for later and finishing up in the last minute only depreciates the quality of our work. This often gives us a bad reputation with colleagues, family, and friends and may even get us into serious troubles and costs you big time. This book touches over points like, why people often find themselves procrastinating, even when they have an important task at hand. The book is aimed at helping people bring out the power they have within themselves to make one’s dream into reality. Readers can hope to achieve an effective and healthy “mind diet” from this book that will help them heal their spirit, body, and mind. The book provides guiding steps by which people can find the motivation of getting out of their comfort zone and trying out new things.

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Winning a Pageant is dream of every girl. Author Rachanaa Jain has won many pageant titles and she is also founder of an International Pageant called WOW Pageants. In this book she shares how to win an international pageant in 8 steps and how to take your brand from local to global. This is a must book if you are planning to entering the pageant world.

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